Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Who's Yer Daddy NOW..."

Since so much time was invested in measuring the drapes for his Senate chamber, it’s hard to let go: so it's on to the Supreme Court, for what will surely be a long ordeal.

"The purpose of the legal action is to ensure that the integrity of the vote is upheld."

More Below The Fold...

I don’t buy it: championing “election integrity” in the context of anything related to Joe Miller just isn’t worth cheerleading. Seriously, letting Miller et al anywhere near any ballots for any reason whatsoever is completely insane, especially given his demonstrated propensity for vote tampering, not to mention amongst his supporters.
Also, there is absolutely no more reason to trust any “hand-counted” tally than one from a corrupt electronic system – both are under the auspices of an incompetent and equally corrupted Division of Elections. Fraud is fraud, and a cheat is a cheat, and this is the absolute wrong horse to back in this race, and in this latest Hail Mary effort.

Miller, as he has proven consistently throughout his history, is ultimate, hypocritical purity troll. If this was really about some patriotic concern over doing right for the state, he would quit trying to invalidate screw people out of their votes, he could furthermore just as easily concede and exercise his obvious legal obsession in pursuing this issue afterwards. And the same goes for the Alaska Democratic party – nothing’s preventing them, or for that matter any other individual, from investigating and pursuing legal remedy to this situation after the spotlight on this particular race has faded. Giving Miller the veneer of legitimacy by humoring his transparent mooseshit is symptomatic of the reasons Democrats lose.

Besides, even if Diebold Elections Systems does ultimately (and legally) own the Alaskan vote, a full forty-eight percent of voters - never mind the number of eligible voters who are not even registered - in Alaska spoke loud and clear about their choice… by simply not bothering to vote. Not having any Senator at all, or at least one less, would certainly be poetic justice, but that’s probably just my closet anarchist showing again.


  1. Gotta tell you; those eyes without pupils are kinda freaking me out. Nicely topical!

  2. Oh yeah - most definitely gonna be some political zombie milage from this character: he will rise again.
    No need for "braaaiiins" though.