Friday, October 1, 2010

"The 2nd Oldest Profession"

“It is a melancholy truth, that a suppression of the press could not more completely deprive the nation 
of its benefits than is done by its abandoned prostitution to falsehood” - Thomas Jefferson 

For the record, my studio assistant drew this, and I apologize for any possible offense that might potentially and erroneously be interpreted as slandering the profession. But here's the deal: I really, really hate hypocrisy, especially in politics, regardless of party or policy. It's the match lit under the ass of many a cartoonist. 
So when Alaska Senatorial candidate Joe Miller starts issuing blatant falsehoods, and not a damn person calls him on it, but turns a blind eye to his glaring hypocrisy it starts to chafe:
“We've got I think some game play going on here with the National Republican Senatorial Committee meddling in our primary election
Ah, no, sorry, but you don't get to on the one hand decry the out of state involvement in the monitoring of ballot tallying, while at the same time accepting over half a million dollars in advertising from an Outsider extremist group. And that wasn't brazen enough bullshit, his spokesman topped it:
“We’re concerned that they’re sticking their noses in it,” Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto said. “It needs to be Alaska’s choice, and we don’t want them interfering in Alaska’s business.”
Excuse me? How stupid do you think we are? Nevermind.
For a candidate that supposedly promised to champion responsible change and reflect local interests, Miller's already been effectively bought and paid for by this over half a million dollars in outside money funneled through the puppeteers behind Koch Industries* and their propaganda invention “Americans for Prosperity.” Brought to you by the very same folks who spout the ugly, racist rants of the Tea Party Express group who in turn fund these campaign ads. Ethics has promptly gone into the honey-bucket right from the inception of Miller’s candidacy – that so many people are duped by this sadly isn’t surprising.
*Koch Industries also owns the Flint Hills refinery, so it’s nice to know the billionaire brothers have a personal stake in gouging residents at the same time they manipulate our local politics.

“Everyone knows that our current system is kind of like legalized prostitution. 
The corporate sector completely controls the civic sector.” - Peter Coyote 

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