Sunday, December 4, 2016

Crap: "Halloween"/"The Arctic Camel"/"Pellet Stove"

Here's a triple-header of a post, all poop jokes. Toilet humor has its place, usually in the outhouse, which is where a sizable number of my cartoons wind up.

Not that the majority of scatological pieces ever manage to make it to being published, like this one. I keep saying someday I'll dump a book of edits, which will probably sell better than any of the compilations.

Aesthetically appropriate "Moscow Mule" wash at Ursa Major Distillery

One supposes ad-hoc editorial review committees comprised of fellow bar patrons isn't the soundest metric by which to gauge the relative effectiveness of material. On the other hand, critiques do tend to be fairly blunt if not honest and unfiltered.

Been seeing more and more of these pellet stoves pop up among acquaintances in this neck of the woods. Leaving aside the fertile future subject matter of biomass, the Venn diagram of ornithologically inclined +  home heating specialists hopefully has enough overlap. Keepin' it classy...

As evidenced by the progression from the initial sketchbook doodle in it's pencil stage (above) to the ballpoint pen variation (below), there was a bit of tweaking as it evolved into the posted final print version. The caption kept morphing back + forth, edited for better clarity and brevity, along with the background setting.
What a load.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Killer Koala"

One comment I got from my local newspaper was a query on my mental well-being. Not all that odd in itself, but it seemed from an editorial perspective I had lately been going through a phase of some hostility towards the animals in my feature. Not to mention what sort of sick mind thinks it would be funny to use bear spray on a koala.
Maybe some day in the future what with the recent uptick in climate change fostering interbreeding and resultant hybrids between polar bears + grizzlies in Alaska ("grolar" bears or "pizzlies") we'll eventually see some overseas action with pandas and koalas joining in the fun.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Sourdough Sommelier"

Not to be confused with one of my favorite India inks, Sennelier, a sourdough sommelier would be one of the many folks hereabouts who can simultaneously occupy both the high and low ends of the aesthetic spectrum when it comes to balancing taste versus practicality. One example would be the comfort and ease in trading off gourmet, hand-crafted spirits to microbrewed beverages with, say, Hearty Mountain Burgundy in a box to  malt liquor. In my experience Alaskan residents can both keep it real and also cultivate a taste for the finer things.

Speaking of high-class, the wallowing fuzzball has gradually been leveling out the angle of the drawing board on account of his impromptu rollovers, which while making for a great method of sweeping off eraser dust, is problematic with wet ink.

"Draw me like one of your French kitties..."

Sunday, November 13, 2016

"Lights Are Out"

Yep. Here it is again. Dark + cold. And the usual, epic aurora, one never gets tired of being reminded why we live here. But seriously, jaded as I am, this 40-second clip shot by a co-worker who went out aurora hunting is an awesome example of when it rips.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Recap: 24 Hour Comics Day 2016

Special thanks to the Comic Shop for hosting this insanity for a decade (hat-tip Naomi + crew too) and everyone who dropped by w/libations + victuals for sustenance & creative juices, and most of all all the participants for the energy + inspiration... once again proving that Fairbanks comic artists and our creative community are the BEST!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Fresh & New"

After the driest October on record, the Interior has finally gotten a fresh coat of suspicious white powder. Myself, I have already entered that state of spiritual miasma which precludes entertaining any serious forcasting for the next several months. As in, why bother, what's the point etc.

Exhibit "A" on why it can be and exercise in futility: Minus zero - point zero? Relative to what... like zero above, as in plus zero? Is there a zero zero? These are the things that will keep me awake for the season.

Oh hey + by the way: I should mention that the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner has relaunched a really spiffy looking on-line gallery of my Nuggets feature? Check it out: the link is here.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Recap: Visual Art Academy 2016 + Magical Mondays

A couple highlights from the crazy summer season of sandwiching in some miscellaneous cartooning gigs: another two-week session teaching two classes at the UAF Visual Art Academy (see 2015 recap here + 2014 linkage too).

Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Culture Clash"

Figure on this one being my very first panel of the New Year, and it'll work in either full-color or black & white. Punk ethic vs respectful sensitivity awareness meets cartoonist’s irreverent instinct for comedic license – which has to be acknowledged as a privileged position in and of itself. Not to mention how - as usual - some folks will get it, others not.

But I believe the subtle usage of color + metaphoric contrast is a hint of my own personal meaning, and to a degree, reflects an underlying statement on society. Even more obvious is the compositional arrangement; which even required the exceptionally rare rearrangement of the Nuggets header on the left-side vertical axis so as to accommodate, even accentuate, the uplifting intent. As a hat-tip to the traditional cultural activity, the blanket-toss, the caption originally said "Culture Clash/ Nalukataq Calling," then "Shishmaref Calling," "Diomede Calling" and "Koyukuk Calling," until I just dropped all the verbage entirely to let the image stand on its own.

The cataloging title for archival purposes is "Culture Clash," which I thought an obvious - at least until bouncing it off some folks - an homage to The Clash’s iconic (does that now make this cartoon icomic?) cover for their 1979 London Calling album. Hence the reference to bass player Paul Simonon smashing his instrument... now regionally customized with a skin drum instead.

Speaking of inspiration, here's a pair of Barbara Lavallee moshers: originally an idle doodle while staring at some waiting room walls adorned with the usual banal background of framed posters. While such omnipresent and predictable artwork (pretty much a guaranteed stock imagery for any doctor, dentist, lawyer et al office) might not be inspiring unto itself… even wallpaper can be a creative catalyst.

You grow up and you calm down
You're working for the clampdown
You start wearing the blue and brown
You're working for the clampdown
- Joe Strummer 

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Alaskan Senators Murkowski and Sullvan have not only publicly rebuked Republican presidential nominee Trump after one of the most recent ickier revelations about his character surfaced, they even eventually called on him to drop out from the race, followed by resignation of their respective leadership posts in the state central committee on xenophobia.

Emphasis here is on most recent, as it is revealing of their political expediency and fortitude, and by extension those of his other supporters who also claim moral superiority in their sociopolitical views, to have waited this long. Thank you for playing, but far too little, far too late: for a refresher read this closing argument for an ever-updating roster of examples, or his fascism here. Trump defines the Alaskan Republican party - and to a great extent, Independents like Joe Miller at al. A reminder that after the Alaska state primaries in August, Cruz got 36.4% of the vote, and Trump was a close 33.5% - still earning eleven delegates to Cruz's twelve