Thursday, October 7, 2010


Over five months late with as-yet unfiled financial disclosure forms for his campaign: it's... only... a little... bit... longer... to stall until the election. *Update: as of today, yesterday's panel is now obsolete: such is the occupational hazard when dealing with topical news items.
But as for Miller's reoccurring theme of whining about being mischaracterized as an "extremist" -  I honestly wonder at the cognitive dissonance behind being "unequivocally pro-life" from someone who touts combat experience on his resume. Surely one must realize the comparative, inherent worthlessness of a life when it's someone else's, especially over there - I mean, you have to equivocate sometime, right? Funny, consistency is supposed to be a hallmark of fundamentalism, which is why it attracts people who aren't really up for the nuances and complexity of, well, thinking.

Regardless of the amazing moral relativity behind more and more of the disclosures about Miller, it's the position of outlawing abortion even in the case of rape and incest that's not only extremely extreme, it's disgusting. I take serious issue with anyone who espouses getting the government out of our lives all the while dictating the choices we make in our personal lives. The American Taliban and the forced-birth party have a real winner in this candidacy. 

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