Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Migrating Mosquitoes"

Last Sunday's panel, playing off the amusing penchant of visitors to "capture the moment"  and space out the sheer relative scale of things up here in Alaska. This is the the better known photographic phenomenon of eagerly pointing out to people back home these nondescript specks against the tundra that at the time were herds of huge, hairy animals (not unlike the bar at Ivory Jacks). In perspective the experience assumes monumental proportions, and the leftovers leave you wanting. Reminds me of the time on my first glacier cruise many years ago when I went through an entire roll of film getting more and more excited at the sequentially increasing size of icebergs - after "capturing the moment "of ice particles about the size and consistency of a slushie-cone slurry, by the time the true leviathans drifted into view I was totally out. 
Fortunately I always have the inexorable advance of the glacier that's currently creeping (technically galloping) in the cabin's antiquated freezer.  

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