Thursday, October 7, 2010

"2nd Oldest Profession" - extended remix

This particular panel was resurrected for an appearance at the annual open exhibition at The Annex. The other piece was a poster of "The Dammed" dropped in a frame, which looked pretty spiffy, if I might say so myself. Which being my damned blog, I'll go ahead and say. Best fun of the 1st Friday gallery-crawl was spent ghosting the area by the "T-bag" for eavesdropping on folks. It's super rewarding to get some real laughs firsthand in person, that is, from the relative minority of politically informed.

Even if not, there's always the bonus of it being literally the best-smelling art in the joint. No, really, though I'd usually have to clarify that has nothing to do with the panties adorning the frame (not mine btw). It was also one way to finally use up all those stale teabags that multiply like herbal dust-bunnies in the kitchen corners. In all honesty the accouterments were a last-minute creative solution to having A) a matte that was way too big, and B) maybe a little accident with a mysterious stain also had something to do with it. The $500k price-tag for this piece was off-putting, even though upcoming donations will be sure to eclipse the last $600k figure from the out-of-towner tea-pee-ers.

And hey - I think in this neck of the woods, if just one other blogger reposts an image that means it's going "viral." Wickersham's Conscience is one of the cleanest and clearest written sites that I've been following as of late, with especially pointed rebuttals to the numerous and mounting missives from Miller. Well worth perusing for blunt perspective and fact-based commentary on the political follies of Alaska this election cycle.

And speaking of spreading it around, always honored by a spot on the Mudflats, which is proving to be an especially insightful on-line resource for mucking about the morass. Also points up the invaluable asset of getting one's work out there in both print and web, not to mention the gallery circuit as seen above as well - as I frequently flog my students with the meta-lesson in covering all the bases in as many creative outlets as possible: it's  crucial for the visual artist, along with having as many irons in as many fires as possible, as visual art should be seen.

"Normally I don't go for political jokes - too many of them 
are getting elected." -Bob Hope

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