Friday, October 22, 2010

"Petty" Issues

One good indication of how a candidate will deal with issues and events on the big stage is to see what and how they went about handling them back in the sandbox. Senate contender Joe Miller's sneaky ballot-stuffing is one, and another was the unnoticed abuse of Facebook policy perpetrated before the primary by Miller et al: wholesale spamming of thousands of group members with a blatantly partisan political ad. Since early this September almost a couple hundred defectors have joined up with the new group "Fairbanks, AK" and left the "Fairbanks, Alaska" group (where the original offending post and all critical comments has since disappeared along with removal Miller as an administrator).
Inappropriate ethical oversteps on a relatively small-scale might seem petty in comparison to the realities facing people on a national level, but vacuous sound-bites and blithe dismissal of the mounting piles of crap piling up in one's own dog-yard points up a serious lack of honest engagement. The irony is how a supposed central platform in the Tea Party is to effect positive change and accountability in Washington - all evidence so far guarantees more of the same coming from the Miller camp.

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