Friday, October 22, 2010

"Helping Hand"

Was at a dear friend's house yesterday: one of my longest-running pleasurable acquaintances for over twenty years now here in the Interior suffered a mild stroke, and has usage of her right hand temporarily disabled as a result. This person is responsible for getting this previously technophobic cartoonist to embrace computers, and has also turned out to be an utterly amazing artisan in her own right, and I have no doubt her creative efforts will continue even if she has to use her damn teeth to do it. Puts things in perspective real quick next time I wanna whine about what's wrong in my little artsy-fartsy world.

So while looking for reading material to take advantage of her running water (the customary bane of having cabin-dwellers as friends) I grabbed a beading magazine, thinking, hey! I'm always open to learning something new: and it was the logistical equivalent of looking at schematics for fixing my truck or trying to understand professional football. I remained completely clueless about exactly what it was that I was looking at but was humbled and impressed at the detailed level of complexity inherent with contemporary crafting. Thus it felt very comforting, not just the company, but restoring crippled self-confidence by picking up a Sharpie, which, being an abject failure now at both stereotypical manly and womanly skills, is about my level of proficiency.
So ha!

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