Saturday, October 20, 2018


Marking my triumphant return to the Opinion page after a two-year absence (following the notoriety of this classic), here's an equal-opportunity offender sure to irritate everyone regardless of their political tribe. The situation is once again a depressingly familiar three-way race virtually guaranteed to split the vote and ensure a Republican win (exactly what happened back when I was in Maine with the reelection of LePage).

Required reading on this entire fiasco is The Mudflats post on "The Moderate's Dillema" (plus add to this list the endorsement of Planned Parenthood). Also required would be some spine on the part of Alaska Democrats to actually back the candidates from their own party (see Scott McAdams versus Joe Miller).
*Update: My personal guess is that, when confronted with the inescapable logic of this cartoon when it hit the newsstands, both camps came to their senses and settled the matter. This was a game-changer.

Now this November we here in Alaska have an opportunity not only to elect an actual Democrat as governor, but to also replace our seemingly eternal embarrassment of a congressman, Trumpian sycophant and noted ammosexual (also previously covered here, here, here, here, here and here) with someone much, much better.

Finally we also can at last unseat Pete Kelly - immortalized in these posts here and here - by electing Scott Kawasaki. Who, evidently, is not exactly someone that has possesses a prudent sense of where to spend their money (or Alaska's) wisely:

Oh, and here's all you really need to know about Dunleavy.
Vote... I'll have one final post about another extremely important issue right before election day.

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