Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Don Young: Homeless"

Whelp, the Congressman-At-Large for Alaska did it again:
Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young, famous for his salty tongue and brusque demeanor, suggested Thursday that if he let loose wolves in some congressional districts, they “wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.”
Most modern politicians are a bit more media-savvy when it comes to keeping their mouths shut and essentially running silent, preferring to let their ugly, hateful legislation speak for themselves instead. So in a twisted sort of way it's refreshing to have someone like Don Young let the entire world know exactly what kind of a person he really is.

Update: John Aronno over Alaska Commons caught an even more chilling segment in the same testimony, since the usual nuggets of idiocy really don't possess the power to surprise people all that much anymore:
He asked then for the “the background determination of each Park Service employee in the state of Alaska and where they came from and their prior employment. I want to know that for my own record. You understand what I’m saying?”
Jewell looked confused as she answered that she wasn’t sure what he was talking about.
“Every person working for the Park Service in the state of Alaska,” Young continued, slowing his speech to annunciate syllables. “The term of residency, where they came from and their background of where they were employed before the Park Service.”
To be sure, comparatively speaking, statements like the one about wolves + the homeless might not be interpreted as being all that horrible (there's plenty of worse uttered almost weekly by others in the House and the Senate) by many apolitical folks, but it's indicative of a belligerent and malicious personality, which by any objective critique is fully on display for many of his more infamously combative and bullying appearances, like this one for example (see here and here also).

Update II: Even more irony when juxtaposed against recent and ongoing efforts to combat the scourge of homelessness wildlife in Alaska:
FAIRBANKS — Crews from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game shot 18 wolves from the air this week near Allakaket in the third year of a program to boost moose populations in the upper Koyukuk River drainage.
To paraphrase a friend's comment, let them eat their young...


  1. One of the bright, shining stars of our political system.

    1. ... one of the Alaskan constellation, bright even amidst a veritable galaxy of idiocy.