Friday, April 18, 2014

"Kelly Kits"

Living in Alaska pretty much is job security for an editorial cartoonist, what with another Republican once again giving us national coverage:
“…instead of just relying on wimpy approaches that your liberals support, like “education” and “outreach” and “funding women’s health clinics,” he advocates a somewhat more robust approach to the problem, like maybe the state paying to make pregnancy tests available in restaurants and bars, or perhaps really getting tough by committing women who drink while pregnant, though that one’s just an idea that he’s floating, you know? On the other hand, he wouldn’t be in favor of the state providing contraceptives in bars, because people who use birth control are just so darned irresponsible. Yes, that is what he said, yes really.”  - Wonkette
If experience is any guide, another Kelly in another gerrymandered elected legislative position will prove to be a veritable cornucopia of comedic material. And as I explained to my editor, regardless of the timing of this specific issue and whether or not people forget the original context, the opportunity for satire will surely (and unfortunately) be repeated many, many times over during the term.


  1. I want a print of this! How much?

  2. I print one off and drop it by next time I'm downtown - thanks!