Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mike Kelly's Alaska

"A handful of Alaska lawmakers have formed a "liberty caucus," a response to growing political interest from conservative but nonpartisan constituents."
Local Representative Mike Kelly has now taken a big step further to the right by making a new clubhouse for fellow politicians to sequester themselves into a legistlative circle-jerk of fear-mongering paranoia. Strictly nonpartisan of course, excepting for the obvious fact it consists of ten Republicans - and employs the usual encoded dog-whistle buzzwords:
"We're listening," Kelly said of growing interest, reflected in regular public demonstrations and meetings, in general support for values such as strong individual liberties, limited government and family values."
The annoying "... and Justice for all" part is left off of "Liberty" since homosexuals and Native Alaskans need'nt apply. Aligning with a core constituency who espouses the very best of the fringe might (might) just tip the precarious balance for reelection: Kelly previously won this district by four votes - so much for the "we're listening." 

Well, we are... we are.

*Update: Just as an example of the ratcheting rhetoric, here's a screen grab of a comment left on the local paper's on-line thread on an article about an ongoing annexation effort by the city. Any elected official that dares go against the populist uprising by proposing any intrusive legislation is automatically (and literally it seems) in the sights of extremists: this dangerous and divisive tactic is deliberately inflamed by the actions of reckless people who fancy themselves rebel leaders of their little militias.

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