Saturday, April 14, 2018

"Bad Taste" (Wang Dang Sweet Don Young)

Covered this clown before, but this is just really, really sad, mad and bad:
"Musician Ted Nugent compared Democrats to "rabid coyotes" in a Friday discussion on gun control with Infowars host Alex Jones, saying they should be shot on sight." - The Hill
He is the perfect face for the NRA.
Now since, given his history and personality, we're well beyond establishing his morality as a human being (assuming the whole newfound civility thing was a lie), the main question now is how much does his fellow NRA board member Congressman Don Young (Ammosexual for All Alaska®™) support this rhetoric? Oh, nevermind...

It's been shamefully obvious how much Young, along with the rest of the Alaskan congressional delegation, sanction with their silence + complicity the continued constitutional assaults from the pResident.

But, in the same fashion that Nugent is a marketing feint away from what the NRA accomplishes behind the scenes, as long as it provides cover for their legislative policies, such tactics are just fine with the politicians.
And as usual, Alaska is number one.

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