Sunday, December 30, 2012

"The Alaskan Shit Sandwich"

NRA VP LaPierre’s speech in reaction to the slaughter in Sandy Hook was without a doubt the apex of disconnected dogma, an astonishing display of firearm fetishism and textbook paranoid conspiracism. Progressive, liberal and/or Democratically inclined websites in Alaska (The Immoral Minority, Progressive Alaska, What Do I Know?, The Mudflats, Wickersham's Conscience, Shannyn Moore and Stonekettle Station) quite rightfully castigated the NRA for their loathsome display. Each in their usual way for the most part offered excellent, insightful commentary and informed perspective on a complicated and serious issue. As opposed to a cartoon caricature.
However the sole Democrat member of Alaska’s delegation, instead of taking this moment to advocate for a sane, rational discussion or even address alternatives, has opted to instead openly embrace the utterly sickening:
Begich, Young support NRA statements
Two members of Alaska’s congressional delegation say they support statements Friday by a leader of the National Rifle Association against further gun regulation and calling on Congress for funds to put armed police officers in every American school.Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Dec. 21, 2012 
Look - we get that for the sake of political expediency an Alaskan Democrat must adopt a sheep-in-wolf’s-clothing/incognito approach, ie assume a pragmatic “balanced” position on many issues. And kudos for the occasional stopped-clock vote such as against re-authorization of warrentless surveillance and Frankenfish. But to align your position with that of the NRA presumably for the sake of burnishing your “independent” credentials with the fringe element… that’s kissing ass. 

Perhaps someone should point out to the Senator that you’re known by the company you keep: so while it might justify one’s life-long membership and preserve the coveted “A” rating from the NRA, Begich basically just confirmed himself as nothing but a more manly mirror image of Murkowski, and maybe now even hunting buddies with Don Young.

Or to put it more succinctly, this is perhaps one core reason why Democrats seem to lose an awful lot of elections in this neck of the woods, and presumably have trouble gaining more than a tenuous toe-hold in Alaskan politics. Maybe it’s got something to do with principles: that’s what earns respect, if not votes. Guess I better look forward to caricaturing Senator Joe Miller after the next election, as he’s not only more fun to draw, but is at least dependably consistent in his stances. Begich has already been to bat for the gun manufacturer/industry lobbyists before, so what's next... join the war on women? Voter ID? Bust some unions?

Lastly, it still remains to be seen if any of the aforementioned local Alaskan blogs devote just a fraction of their initial anger over the NRA to remind our #1 sell-out Senator just who and what the hell he stands for. Begich should hear the pushback message loud and clear, and be held accountable from more than just the many pissed-off commenters who've opined on his Facebook page. Just as long as it's not shrugged off in the same way prudently pragmatic voters rallied behind Scott McAdam’s candidacy.
Oh, never mind.

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  1. At times like these I'm grateful to artists, poets and comics who speak the hard truths...using their own medium and their own voice. Maybe I'm overly sanguine as I'm not reading the teaparty cartoonists:)