Saturday, October 27, 2012

“Holy Hypocrisy Batman – to the Cave-In!”

"The Bullshit Rises"

*Note: this is an unedited version of an essay originally appearing in the latest - and sadly, the last - issue of The Ester Republic.

     Once again Alaska proves itself to be the rootin’ tootin’ Frontier when it comes to A) putting an end to the stereotyped myth that gender has any sort of bearing on political rationality when it comes to matters of violence and war; and B) also upends any foolish notion that Democrats have any connection whatsoever with progressive agendas.

     Case in point being the abdication of Murkowski and Beigich’s Senatorial responsibilities after embracing and promoting the lies of the National Rifle Association, specifically regarding the recently aborted United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty. The United States, supposed beacon of justice, deliberately derailed treaty negotiations that “were focused on stemming the flow of arms and ammo into the hands of regimes and actors responsible for perpetrating mass murder and war crimes.” The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that:
“Alaska Sens. Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski joined a 51-member bipartisan group that threatened to block the treaty because they felt it could infringe on the constitutional right to bear arms.”
     However, on the very first page of the resolution in question it clearly states:
“Acknowledging also the right of States to regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership, exclusively within their territory,”
     Leaving aside that the Senators from Alaska are so willfully stupid as to fail at basic reading comprehension, the assumption here is that they, along with the Obama administration, are complicit tools for both the NRA lobby and the military-industrial complex. Which isn’t all that complex as one might think: the United States simply makes too much money profiting off exporting death for any real change to take place. America is, after all, number one – especially when it comes to the arms race. Recall that our fearless leader issued this meaningless platitude after yet another mass-murder tragedy:
“Even as we learn how this happened, we may never understand what leads anyone to terrorize fellow human beings. Such violence, such evil is senseless and beyond reason.” - President Obama
     No, not really… what’s “beyond reason” is the hypocrisy that someone could make such a hollow, empty claim while juggling any number of voluntary wars, prolonging institutions of torture, and openly assassinating citizens using drones. And opening the same vein, the US has now failed its first opportunity to demonstrate any support for basic human decency when it comes to stopping the slaughter of innocents abroad. (10)

     As a personal note to the Senators in question, perhaps someone should point out to you that, ostensibly being on the national stage, the stakes are somewhat higher for your political office: you should consider the viewpoint from the international community. ANd maybe some basic fact-checking is in order. As our Former Half-Term Governor will tell you, marketing the image of an ignorant Alaskan only goes so far, as you now also represent the United States.

     Senators, with all due respect, it’s your chance to maybe at least try and make the world a better place, above and beyond  both the myopic view of your constituents and the private interests who are funding your re-election campaigns. You are making too much money and have sold out far too many personal convictions to be shamed into doing the right thing at this point, but if it helps, think of it as the ultimate pro-life stance

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