Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Fail" - It's Elementary

After mulling over a list of potential captions for this panel (including the ones in the post heading) I decided to go instead with non-verbal. Simply works better that way I think. 
Here's to hoping somebody gets "schooled" ...and someone else is sent home early: gaging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback I got the week after this ran in the paper, folks are definitely ready for change in Alaska, and are tired of the melodramatic circus acts and stunts being pulled by local politicians.

Editorial cartoonists probably have trouble keeping friends as they can turn on you in an instant, but this'd be the cartoon equivalent of a tacit endorsement, for what it's worth. The momentum and awareness of Scott McAdam's viable candidacy continues to grow, and folks can take an opportunity to vote for their principles, and not the lesser of two weevils.
A couple keener eyes have observed in this panel that McAdams isn't actually doing anything... well, yeah. Sitting back as the only adult in the room only works so well for so long, but then again the other two are simply doing a wonderful job on their own without McAdams having to point out any obvious idiocy or wade in and get dirty teaching pigs to sing represent Alaskans. 
From my cynical and jaded perspective, McAdam's was the first time I ever got off a genuine laugh at a political ad, one that is markedly different in tone and style - and that for once doesn't flog the fear or feel up the fluff, which is all I hear coming from his opponents. And after meeting him in person (got a chance to give him a signed copy of this panel - when he says he's a "big guy from a small town" - he ain't kidding: finally, someone even I can look up to) I was impressed at his sincerity and genuine personality, and that he didn't smell like fish, which is always a plus. I'll feel a wee bit guilty making more fun of him in the future - one hopes. 

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