Saturday, May 29, 2010

"The OTHER One"

Our brave shill Senator from Alaska recently took a bold wide stance laughably and transparently protecting "Mom & Pop" oil drilling interests by ensuring liability for environmental disasters such as the current spill in the Gulf is limited to a paltry $75 million.
"The Alaska Republican says “mischaracterizations” on what liability limits are shows the need for senators to better understand the issue." - AP
Well... "If it has a tail"... demonstratively bought and paid for by corporate interests, hence the "Lease-A" tag. But for her better different taste in fashion and comparatively legible articulation, Murkowski could for all practical purposes could be The Other One (and no, it's technically not a Quitter panel, though she did put in a stage, uh, right guest appearance for the first drafts). 
And now there's an exciting new opportunity for unvarnished feedback what with her hip, new You-Tube outreach effort - seeing as how the Facebook market's already been cornered by her political peer.

Panel appears in the brand-spanking-new issue of the Ester Republic (ask for it by reputation).


  1. You nailed it on the head Jamie. A whore is a whore.

  2. Well, I personally wouldn't phrase it like THAT, but "receiving money or other compensation in exchange for services rendered" certainly is a historical hallmark of political prostitution here in Alaska.

    It starts to get iffy for me when the gendered connotations muddy the waters, so I try hard to keep the cheap shots centered on what I see as the core issue, regardless of anything else. And that's it for my PC mini-rant disclaimer.

    I've seen attention get unfortunately diverted from important issues by the irrelevant "window-dressing" propped up around the likes of Palin, for example - there's entirely too many and much more valid concerns about these individuals than the frivolous incidentals.

    Though, that said, it's not MY fault some of these folks are so damn funny lookin'.