Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

One for my friends up in the hinterland, who have been slogging through an epic cold snap this week with temperatures ranging from a balmy -25 to bottoming out in the "outlying areas" with -50's. Here in Maine the weatherman on the radio made a funny flummox in the forecast by mixing up sleet with freezing rain: "sleezing rain." Currently we're in the single digits, and the one factor usually absent from Interior conditions is wind chill - cuts right through the insulating layers of blubber, effectively putting a damper on any manly sourdough pooh-pooh of what a real winter's like.


  1. "Single digit temperatures" are the ones where you give the thermometer the finger.

    We have been more popular with the cats these past cold nights.

  2. I'm always justifying not even trying to keep everything free of fuzz as the extra layer of insulation is useful (even better when it's the entire critter)