Monday, January 2, 2012

The Big Secret

First piece posted for 2012: this one done just for me: a sort of a fist-pump at the universe, and my personal philosophy as of late. Listening to almost twelve straight hours of Brian Eno might also have something to do with it...

Also partly inspired by some paintings I looked at last week by a local dude who (re)creates abstracted Acadian landscapes from memory: his ambient impressions of the environment evoke more of an immediacy and meaningful connection than 99% of photographs could ever hope to (or for that matter, realistic images from photo-reference). 

So this panel has an amalgamation of perspectives from many of the hikes I've taken around the island, plus the sentiment is timely given the wrapping up of one full year away from home, and the launch of another.


  1. I like it - and especially nice colors

  2. Thanks - I've been appreciating the environmental subtleties in this neck of the woods a lot more on the many "off-season" hikes. There's so much hype on the fall foliage spectacular and other postcard-caliber money shots in Acadia that it overshadows the quieter side of the Park. Like when the leaves are fallen, it actually open up the views better. And living in Alaska sensitizes you to all the aesthetic nuances in shades of grey, brown, or for that matter, white.