Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Hike

Took a short & sweet little stroll into Acadia and out along the coastal Loop Road, which is gated off for the season (so we saw only a solitary jogger and a photographer over the 2.5 hour/3+ mile hike) and necessitated hoofing it along a trail before reaching the road. Another mile took us to a secluded, quiet gem of a spot tucked in-between Otter Cliffs/Otter Cove and Seal Cove. Little Hunters Beach is a small stretch of cobblestone which sounds like a billion marbles cascading over a scrub-board with every wave. Almost all the lingering patches of snow are gone what with the recent rainfall, and cool temperatures were hovering in the 40's. It also happened to be an absolutely gorgeous evening with perfect conditions right at the "magic hour" - so I climbed out on the promontory to catch the sunset. The light was coming in low over the Atlantic (and just under a looming front moving in fast) and it made for some truly amazing color off the granite. A beautiful kickoff to 2012 - here's hoping all of you are warm & well!

 (A few more pics are uploaded here.)

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