Friday, January 14, 2011


Lived through my first-ever "nor'easter" and it was a pretty impressive experience. Everything closed early, everybody (except for the snowplows) was sent home, and civilization just shut down well in advance of the paralysis that gripped New England. We all sat around the living room watching and listening to the wind tear it up outside the windows, while a crock-pot simmered away in the kitchen, infusing the house with aroma and warmth.
I've been having fun playing up the whole sourdough versus salty-dog clash of cultures, but it becomes obvious what a false equivalence it really is soon as a little wind-chill effect kicks in, and this hardy Alaskan whines like a little puppy left outside.


  1. Hey Jamie,
    Just learned from Michelle Bartlett last night during my talk on aurora in Schiable that you are in Maine as a park ranger. Major cool thing to do. Good on ya. Sorry you are not here. Love your comment above. Coldest I have ever been in my life was when it was plus 12 Fahrenheit with a lot of humid wind in Washington, DC. The wind just knifed through the best protection I could find and wear.
    PS- I am continuing to use some of your humorous cartoons in my public talks about aurora and cite where they came from on screen and verbally. Please tell me if this is not OK anymore.
    Neal Brown

  2. No problem Neal, my pleasure as always...

  3. What? You aren't here??? What about the Big L in the Bowling Alley - who's going to be using it for their art pallet?????


  4. "This will not stand, man..."

    No worries, I'll migrate North after the reboot: White Russians all around!