Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alaska Today magazine

In 1986, before the weekly "Freeze-Frame" panel would debut in the newspaper, my first ever appearance in print (up in Alaska) was for the final issue of the semesterly publication "Alaska Today." It was produced as a sort of boots mukluks-on-the-ground training for the UAF Journalism department, with some true luminaries in the ranks, many of whom would continue to maintain a presence in publishing. I remember being immensely full of pride over my official designation as "cartoonist" in the table of contents. Trivia - Associate Editor Todd Hoener would go on to found the international magazine "Mushing" after graduating, where many of my dog-racing related panels would reincarnate as "Iditatoons." These particular panels posted here would also undergo resurrection under the "Freeze-Frame" moniker. Not to mention concurrent recycling onto tshirts, cards and finally published in the first collection of cartoons.So milking maximizing your return on any given creation is always good, nomatter the medium. No better example than "The Homesick Alaskan" - I've probably gotten more mileage out of that one cartoon than anything I've ever drawn to date.

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