Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Arctic Survival Tip"

Apologies for the lousy image quality/reduced size: had to swipe the jpeg from the on-line edition of newspaper, as I misplaced the original file somewhere, and am also to damn lazy to re-create it.
This panel reminds me of a tshirt design I did for a client years ago about the "Alaskan Thermometer":  one can gauge the temperature outside based on the distance from the door that the dog goes to poop. One advantage to a litterbox.
The poster on the wall is a hat-tip to my friend Linda's quaint little picturesque log-cabin in downtown Fairbanks, which has to be one of the most photographed structures in the Interior of Alaska. Tourists are always pulling over to snap a few shots of it, and she obliges them by maintaining an outstanding yard.
And no, there aren't any tips #1-5 as of yet.

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