Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Alaskans on Vacation"

Based on a true story... as any Alaskan venturing Outside during the winter would empathize with and understands this perverse acclimation syndrome. From Washington to New York and Georgia to Arizona, I've been trekked around the country severely "underdressed" as far as the locals go, while wallowing in the relative warmth. Yet even in the snow I still manage to be the whitest damn thing in the woods.
This weekend's panel is another experimentation with the colored washes (using Derwent "Inktense" pencils): this time on Bristol board instead of watercolor paper, which was a mistake, but as with most many some mistakes in life, everything still worked out well enough in the end.
Posted below is what the "recycled" print version in all its black & white glory will no doubt end up looking like: but I'm sending the papers full-color versions on the offhand chance the real estate will open up on some issue where they can publish it in RGB. Yet another reason to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase on-line examples of work that normally wouldn't get seen. Too bad no one will ever experience the scratch & sniff version though: an effervescent hint of fresh-hewn pine + toasted vanilla, with a faint undercurrent of lingering unicorn farts.

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