Friday, January 6, 2012


There's a strip over at Radio Free Babylon that's been making me laugh my heathen butt off over the morning grind: Coffee With Jesus. Normally clip-art comics lose me pretty quick after the initial schtick wears off, notwithstanding the deliberate stylistic monotony of a few other favorites, This Modern World, Red Meat and Basic Instructions. And while on the topic of caffeinated comics, let us not forget Too Much Coffee Man.

As of late I've been quaffing some good libations in this neck of the woods: Trailhead Cafe serves  Batdorf & Bronson (the signature "Dancing Goats" is a brew of choice while camping out and coaxing the creative juices), local roasters Crooked Porch do a seasonal elixir called "Jingleheimer" that is fabulous (scored at the Global Beverage Warehouse which is staffed with some knowledgeable folks), and The Maine Grind over in Ellsworth features Rock City made in Rockland. *Update: mmm... Katahdin Coffee...
Still miss the swill hearty, robust pot Adam would put on at work, and still loves me some LuLu's eggnog lattes! Cheers!

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