Sunday, March 7, 2021

"Pioneer Motorhomes"

This was such a fun one to do. Plus I love it when one of what I think is my better ones of the year also happens to dovetail with the needs of a favorite client.

With an eye on the potential commercial application I went ahead an colored the panel right from the outset (as opposed to colorization - if not complete reboot - of some previous years), which in turn necessitated a bit more tweaking than usual to accommodate the customization. 

As you can see from the snapshot of the pencil sketch, there was some digital tweaking to accommodate the composition. I also like the vitality and energy - aesthetic elements shouldered by the use of color in the print version - of the original doodle. And as often is the case, working on this piece inspired even more ideas that were hastily scribbled in the sketchbook to slumber in the mental mulch-pile until needed.

Update: And here's this year's calendar, which looks real nice, and is enshrined in that most holiest of display spaces (second only in exposure to the outhouse) the refrigerator. Extra credit if you can cite the cereal that the magnets were box prizes for - here's a hint on the characters: Grumble (in red), Boss Moss (green) and Goody-Goodly (pink).