Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chickadee Farts

     Last weekend a commenter posed the question "at what temperatures would farts become visible." Given the unique characteristics of life in the arctic, I just so happen to have not necessarily a definitive answer, but nevertheless invaluable insight on this very topic.
     Posted above is a panel excerpted from a show & tell I gave a few years back (long since edited for taste) that addressed the issue of "where do you get your ideas." The current mayor of the town I lived in at that time (pictured modeling here) approached me at the local watering hole and - true to the occupational hazards of a cartoonist - just had to recount an experience which he insisted would provide me with fodder for a cartoon. Seems that while enjoying the morning coffee by the window where the sun was hitting the bird-feeder, he observed the phenomenon that at fifty degrees below zero, one in fact can see chickadee farts.
     Yet another reason to never ever go anywhere without your sketchbook, lest one of these precious little nuggets be forgotten.

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  1. We're closing in on definitive, unbiased scientific data here!