Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alaska Yin-Yang

Probably the funniest New Year's Eve experience (and best pic) this year was being accosted in the Golden Eagle Saloon at the annual Ester festivities by a colorful local character: there is a certain segment of the community that frequently gets on me about reprinting some of the classic t-shirt designs. This usually happens right around when the shirt starts to fall apart from being loved to death and panic about replacing it sets in.

The inspiration for this design was, coincidentally enough, from the porch of the same saloon: my girlfriend's (black) dog was sniffing another (white) dog's butt while a bunch of us were hanging out on the porch, and I said "Hey look - Yin-yang!" which got some laughs and proved the point that previewing material to a bunch of drunks is a great marketing strategy.

Incidentally the t-shirt was for a benefit art auction I did in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that raised almost 7k in just a few hours: folks really came outta the woods and came together to donate time, energy and logistics to pull the event off. Not to mention Alaskans have a real special soft-spot for critters.

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