Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This doodle sat around in the mulch-pile for a while until creative fermentation gave rise to a better caption: a lot of the stuff in sketchbooks are random ideas that maybe need a drawing to illustrate the concept; or a sketch that needs a punch-line; or a cartoon that just plain sucks and might be recycled some other time. The lag-time between the "light-bulb going off"and the actual drawing of it often gives a little perspective and some distance to refine the cartoon. One of the reasons I'm not a stand-up comedian (or much of a funny guy in person) is I think a bit slow, especially under pressure...

But, as per the previous post on process, there is plenty of shooting from the hip when it comes time to put out: an example was the evolving dog-sled here, which went from being pulled behind the sled to being at a suggestive angle (that's when the "speed-bump" concept was still in play), to rotated all over the place, farther and farther up & out of frame until it got simply dropped. The caption box instead doubles as a visual anchor-point to catch the eye on that leading bit of line.

The bungee concept came about after repeated spaghetti-wars with clusters of cables in the pickup: trying to lash the accumulated baggage of everyday errands can turn into a real clusterfuck - and the laws of physics shall not be mocked when restraining heavy objects with a substance that expands and contracts with force!

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