Saturday, July 28, 2012


Actually at temperatures of around fifty-below in the Interior, one does generate a personal mini-cloud of vapor, which is a useful metaphor for those of us that tend to mentally pass much of the day that way.
And for those of our viewers keeping score at home, yep, those are the Talkeetnas, which are seeping into the background more and more, as every day they dominate the view from the chalet.


  1. At what temperature does a fart blow smoke? I was walking to work one winter day when it was down around 7 degrees F and let one rip. People in a passing car cracked up even though there is no way they could have heard it. Coincidence, or did I send a telltale puff of vapor into the morning air?

    The Telltale Fart, by Edgar Allen Poot?

    You'd think with all my winter hiking and mountaineering antics I would have discerned this for myself long ago, but somehow I always manage to be too busy to check. Since I frequently went alone I had no observer or anyone else to observe.

  2. You know, I JUST SO HAPPEN to have an answer for that, and as soon as I can dig up the image I'll post a response.

  3. I knew I could count on you.