Monday, June 14, 2010

I (Heart) Art

Caught sight of this panel in the painting studio last week by local artist/educator Robin Feinman: an absolutely fabulous image to get visually pumped up in the morning and start off week #3 of 5 in the Summer Sessions insanity. She’s one of the local posse that’s teaching the Visual Art Academy in the UAF art department: the hallways are now a riotous cacophony of creativity from youngsters getting infused with inspiration –the energy and enthusiasm makes for an atmosphere somewhat in-between a boot camp and a zoo. Ultimate immersion!
Then there’s me, the resident zombie shuffling around the halls clutching coffee, photocopies, student assignments, coffee, gradebook, comic books and more coffee. The adjunct office has been completely taken over by piles of work, paperwork, demo materials, computer ephemera and empty cups (see pic of desk corner).
Friday’s handouts included a couple inches of collected interviews (ex: Charles Schulz, Michael Jantze, Dan Piraro, Seth, Johnny Hart, Wiley Miller etc. on their respective craft and techniques) – part of the growing pile, which will eventually evolve into their “textbook.” After years of keeping an eye on random articles and hoarding insightful commentary from many of the top creators I’ve amassed quite the repository of information, and even though there are a few exemplary books now published on the genre this approach unearths facets often left behind or overlooked with contemporary collections.
Then I lectured for an hour or so on a basic introduction/overview of strips, stretching out into the realm of sequential art with the incorporation of elements like timing and pacing, and we reviewed syndication packets on their recommendations for submissions. Plus there was some discussion on independent opportunities such as self-syndication and contrasting web-based versus print-based markets and the comparative advantages and shortcomings with each venue.
Lastly the class had their weekly critique (as did the Drawing courses - Fridays I tend to get a little haggard and hoarse) and there were some outstanding efforts from the single-panels (gags + editorials) of which I’ll be posting some samples of here sooner than later.

Soon as I clean off my damn desk.

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  1. I know Robin Feinman she teaches our ACEDECA class, she's a good teacher!