Saturday, June 13, 2009

Student Editorials

Here's a handful of samples from this week's critique:

Some criteria such as line weight variation, use of value, and composition will gradually start to play a bigger role in the classwork: these factors are tricky to weigh against individual style, but there are some basic fundamentals such as a neat and clean appearance, and spell-checking (hard to do with hand-drawn text) that go a long way towards professionalism if not at least legibility.
In the meantime we're beginning to see some improvement with the rendering abilities of everyone: that's a bonus side-effect of drawing every single day nomatter what. And maybe, just maybe a few seeds were planted with regards to civic duty, or at least awareness of some issues.

This panel probably needs a little backstory: there's both a legally blind student + deaf student in the course, each with great senses of humor - this cartoon was supposed to include someone in a wheelchair attempting to join in the conversation but is blocked by no access. That's an example of running out of room within the confines of one panel, and a good segue into the upcoming week where we begin to incorporate the passage of time with strips.
A couple bear-baiting panels, a perennial issue in this neck of the woods...

And geez, whaddaya know, the Guv popped up in just about everyone's sets of editorials: what I like is the range of different styles depicting her. A couple tagged the "Run Sarah Run" theme, and the final post is regarding her recent appearance in Auburn, NY for a celebration on William Seward and 50 years of Alaskan statehood....

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