Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"The Alaska Panda"

The inspiration for this piece stems from one of my long-held personal goals to dress up in a panda suit and cavort about the tundra down in Denali, just to mess with the tourists. Since I haven't been able to come up with the funds to acquire such a suit or the motivation to make one, once again my little panels will suffice as stand-ins to express and exorcise those deep, inner demons that plague me so.
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After doing this panel as a demo for my summer class (intro to materials & inking techniques) I first dropped the caption entirely during the editing phases, then changed it back to read "How to make the head of a Japanese tourist implode," and next proceeded to embark upon an obsessive/impulsive quest to translate said passage into Japanese. The reasoning being that it's basically a throw-away caption anyways, so who cares that 99.9% of readers won't understand it - besides, the pure visual effect of adding Japanese will only enhance the aesthetic impression.

Problem being in reflection the morning after (man I hate it when that happens): just a little trivial factoid in that the panda is, uh, Chinese. Duh, back to the drawing table. Much as I disparage editors they really do provide a valuable function, they really do.

Then again, when the panel ran in this past Sunday's paper, guess what?

Can't complain though - if not for almost 1/4 page coverage, getting prime placement right next to the ads for Foodstock and especially Chippendales ensures a lot of eyeballs.

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