Saturday, June 20, 2020

"Bear Communication"

More of a comics poem than a formal strip. As in, it's linear, and sequential, but there's no standard setup > punchline. Each of the panels illustrates something specific and real to me personally but that's as far as that goes, and my intent here is only good for the initial inspiration. It was abstracted from an article on how bears can often broadcast their intent through nonverbal means (this is another reason I did horrible in school on account of constant slipping out of mental gear and daydreaming random associations).

However when juxtaposed with imagery, a convoluted meaning began to emerge, with plenty of room for personal interpretation.

This post is another in a recent series of Ink & Snow exclusives - not available on any other social medium. These one-offs are always a great way to keep the creative juices flowing. And a reminder that even if you don't entirely understand exactly what you are doing or why, one of the wonders with making art is that's not really required.

Also including here an example of just how horrid my handwriting (as opposed to lettering) is: this was scanned straight from my sketchbook, and the text was done using a ballpoint pen (not my normal 08 Micron/0.8 Copic marker). Took a lot of cleanup afterwards to make it legible, which is crucial when the concept itself maybe isn't intelligible.

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