Sunday, June 21, 2020

"Bear Hugs"

Studio Editor sez: "Let me sleep on it"

Here's an example of the convoluted train of thought (see: Jacob's Ladder) that results in seemingly random imagery coming out the other end of the pen.

And I also wanna start the new year off on a positive note full of enveloping warmth. Before getting eaten alive.

I haven't the faintest idea where this excerpted panel originated from, but at some point during my trolling the tubes for inspiration + amusement it caught my eye.

Then a friend (hat-tip Sherri) posted a link to this wonderful piece by Russian artist Natalie Rukavishnikova.

The Alaskan version of a monkey on your back

Which in turn triggered another causality. Things start getting pretty hairy.

Mental doodles mean future fodder.

True story: After Atticus was done editing the sketch version of this panel, it disappeared. All I had was this picture from a year ago, which was mothballed as a draft for this eventual post.

Finally got around to working up a new one, just a few minor modifications (as can be plainly seen by all the aftermarks from erasing + repencilling on the fly)... and we have a scenario that many if not most folks can relate to. There's always "that bear."
Wakka wakka wakka.

And if I had to republish it now with the benefit of hindsight, the new, improved caption would say instead "First night after self-isolation."

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