Saturday, January 25, 2020

Art/Work: Out & About the 'Banks (Opera Fairbanks + LuLu's)

2019 Run of the Valkyries: Following on the successful incorporation of imagery from the respective chosen opera (see 2018’s Pagliacci), the core of this years design is based on the titular character “Falstaff.”

Which in itself is an obscure homage to the mythological being Herne the Hunter, so I loved exploring all of the possible interpretations and creating something that worked on multiple levels – a funny, attention-grabbing image but with some extra elements of trivia for those in the know.

image h/t reader LJ Evans

And as usual, the proof is in the printing - of a black and white tshirt version, as this will arguably be seen by just as many folks as the full-color image used for marketing.

Another recent manifestation of my art showed up in the form of a spiffy decal on a new arctic entryway constructed at one of my favorite local haunts. Nothing like savoring creative juices in a cup stamped with one of your designs… cheers!


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