Friday, January 5, 2018

Opening Tonite: Distilled Nuggets III: The Most Interesting Beaver in the World

Another reminder of this evening's opening down at the distillery: swing on by for a laugh + libation! Well, there's a caveat to that...

But seriously, it'll be exciting to see how the virtual layout will be made manifest in reality: part of the process in selecting pieces for the show involves some digital shuffling on the overall composition of the unique space at this particular venue - there'll be a followup post after the main event documenting the details. CHEERS!

"Go ahead... ask me how's it hangin'?"

(Update: Yeah, so I forgot to print out the template, and so the show was put up totally shooting from the hip - here's hoping the morning after reveals somewhat straight lines...)

Process: After culling the archives from 2017 (here's last year's show, and the year before) and selecting pieces, two sets - one for backup just in case - printed onto cardstock (hat-tip as always to the folks down at Date-Line Digital Printing); mounted onto foamcore using industrial-strength spray adhesive + burnished down; eyeballed trimming with a straight-edge + box-cutter (frequently replenishing the blades & backing board); affixing double-sided mounting squares on the panel backs; and boxing everything up for transport (not the first time I've been very happy to be a cartoonist, as there aren't that many artists who could have 75 pieces in one box). Grand total prep putting all the pieces together = couple hours editing/reformatting, couple hours mounting, couple hours cutting, and about one hour putting everything up on the wall. Now to get some original art in order, plus see what's in storage for tshirts + books...

Update #2: Added another couplefew hours for leavening the stock in my originals box that I pack along to most gigs. Periodically cull the archives for pen + ink pieces, adding some watercolor wash to a bunch in both B&W or full color, and shrink-wrap as many as possible so as to reduce wear & tear. I always try to have several tiers of pricing on black & white line art, black & white wash, full-color wash, and deals on digital prints (rolled over from other shows and/or extra backup sets for the current exhibit), along with the usual freebie samplers.

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