Friday, December 30, 2016

Distilled Nuggets: Annual Retrospective 2017

Wait, what? Has it already been a whole year down the proverbial tubes?
Actually, to flog the metaphor a bit, our awesome landlord installed a septic system in the fall, which promptly froze up at the first subzero snap... so back to the ol' slop-bucket routine. So no, once the icy sphincter clenched itself up there ain't nothing going down any tubes until spring. And besides, the more I think about it, the more I like "greywater" as a much better metaphor for a year's worth of backlogged material.

Sample pages from the 24-hour incoherent weirdness

So once again the fine folks at Ursa Major Distilling are hosting another humble little show by yers truly: approximately one-hundred pieces covering everything from the regular Nuggets feature - both black + white panels and some splendid full-color prints on display as well; a handful of editorial panels (every one of which was rejected for publication); the full 24 Hour Comic from this year; a sampler section scanned from my Fairbanks Sketchers outings; a reprint of the Arctic Science Summit piece; and of course the ever-popular "edits," consisting of not-suitable-for-publication material.

Speaking of retrospective introspective perspectives, a reminder that the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner now has a slate of Nuggets on their on-line Sundays section up again... almost as cool as getting to actually see it in glorious print. Or reading about all the behind-the-scenes trivia here.

"I got yer nip right here buddy"

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