Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Alaskan Bucket List"

One of the spiffy things about being transplanted and traveling is you get to really realize what a special place you are from. Seems Alaska is on a lotta folks' "bucket list" and it assumes all sorts of mythic dimensions in the perspective of others, The Quitter notwithstanding. That said, all the years spent living in a dry cabin tends to give one an altogether different perspective (rhymes with "bucket"), further tempered by the extreme conditions (which just recently has made the national news). 
Trivia: astute readers will note the seasonal shift between the doodle & the print version of the panel: this often occurs when I have a deadline during the winter season, and am caught culling from the compost heap where the original concept needs to be updated to better reflect current conditions. Also helps to keep me grounded whenever I'm someplace warm and green brown.

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