Saturday, December 10, 2011

(More) Cartoonist Shorts: Interviews & Demos

Alison Bechdel - screengrab from "Stuck In Vermont" vlog

Added a bunch more gems on the "Cartooning" YouTube channel while out trolling the series of tubes, and also a couple reposted from some other excellent web resources (hat-tip The Comics Reporter, The Daily Cartoonist and Mike Lynch's blog): Lynn Johnston, Ted Rall, Winsor McCay, Scott McCloud, Art Spiegelman, Johnny Ryan, Harvey Pekar, Mort Walker, Chris Browne, Roz Chast, Stan Lee (a few from him hosting the "Comic Book Greats" series with Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Davis, Jim Lee, Sergio Aragones and Will Eisner) + couple great little exposés on local Vermont talents Alison Bechdel (#109) and James Kochalka (#101) from a spiffy vlog called "Stuck In Vermont":
“ … focus on local artists, musicians and outsiders (all of whom are stuck here for one reason or another) and bring more attention to all the hip-n-hot VT art happenings and goings on 'round town.”
Sounds like a similar situation that happens a lot up in Alaska ("sourdough" = sour on the place but no dough to get out) and I'd include Maine as well except for all the off-season vacancies which speak otherwise as to being stuck. But what an awesome community oriented project to do, plus very cool to get a chance to watch some great cartooning in action. And coming off the recent rubbing of shoulders erasers experience with some giants in the field, demos and interviews like these are a major bonus when one is effectively marooned either in a cabin or on a remote island.

Also now as a result of running into the limit wall of 200 videos per channel, I split off Editorial Cartooning from Cartooning. Presumably this'll get parsed down even more as the collection continues to grow, but for now it's manageable with just the two subcategories. Enjoy... and feel free to also pass along any personal favorites you might have.

James Kochalka - screengrab from "Stuck In Vermont" vlog

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