Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Drawn To Extremes"

As mentioned in the previous post, in 1998 I had two big shows back-to-back: my BFA thesis exhibition at the UAF art gallery, and a ten-year anniversary show "Stiff Hairy pelts: A Decade of Doodles" down the hill at the local college bar The Marlin. The first was on April Fool's Day, the second on Earth Day, both appropriate dates for each gig, and each was a counterpoint and contrast for what at the time were two irreconcilable aspects to my work. Always reminded me of the adage "when you plant one foot in tomorrow and keep one foot in yesterday, you wind up pissing all over today." Also was the second smallest cabin I ever lived in: the photographer is sitting perched upon the sleeping platform across the room.
This piece ran as a special in the Anchorage Daily News, and marked my debut into the big-city (relative as far as Alaskan standards go) market.

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