Saturday, November 12, 2011


Sergio Aragonés: The World's Fastest Cartoonist

Here's a quick handful of some more images from the National Cartoonists Society/SCAD workshop that happened today. The event followed an NCS annual South Eastern Regional meeting, which a handful of Sequential Art Department students and faculty were allowed to attend as special guests.

Sergio Aragonés

Sergio Aragonés and several other members of "The Usual Gang of Idiots" gave demonstrations to a small crowd of about fifty folks at the Pei Ling Chan Gallery. Aragonés went old-school manual and gave a brief show & tell on an easel set up at the front of the room. 

Jack Davis with Paul Coker

Jack Davis and the others were assisted by technology, with their drawings projected from a table set up in the back of the gallery, behind the audience, which appeared in real-time up on a blank wall. It was like being in a church for comic geeks, as the crowd would watch in reverent silence while each artist created their piece, before breaking into applause after the conclusion of each performance. What a spectacular opportunity to witness first-hand!

"One for my baby and one for the road"

I'll have a separate post focusing on Tom Richmond coming up soon, as I volunteered to help out at both his portfolio review and workshop sessions. In the meantime, the Associated Press is running a story about the MAD exhibition that others in the media are picking up, and there should be some more coverage coming out about the gala panel discussion that also happened this evening.


  1. Wow! It's official: I hate you, you lucky bastard.

  2. Hey buddy - just wait until I get back to Maine - yer in the top three interviews I'm looking forward to doing, by the way. No pressure, but you better be funny - and I don't mean just looking...
    But seriously - big thanks to the faculty for herding cats on this whole gig, and apologies to the Usual Gang of Idiots for having to put up with 40-year old fanboys!