Saturday, November 12, 2011

SCAD MAD MAD MAD: Exhibition

The Usual Gang of Idiots: Paul Coker Jr., Tom Richmond, Jack Davis, 
Sergio Aragones, Sam Viviano, Nick Meglin (L>R)

Way too much going on at the moment to sort through and transcribe my notes of recent events, but here's a few snapshots of the reception for the MAD artists at Poetter Hall. Original artwork was on display, along with the Spy vs Spy student contest submissions ("iSpy: Boobie Trap" got in). What an amazing experience to get the chance at meeting in person your cartoon childhood cartooning heroes and some of the giants in the field. More workshops still to come!

Prior to the exhibition's opening reception, current Art Director for MAD, Sam Viviano, gave an hour-long presentation on "MAD 101." This was an fantastic overview on the history of the publication, along with William Gaines, and some insightful commentary on the many  iconic creators who have long been associated with MAD. Then it was off to the show, and check out the winning student entries for the Spy VS Spy competition, and and a chance to mingle with some of the greatest cartoonists in the history of the medium.

Sam Viviano (image of MAD founder William Gaines)

Sequential Art Department Chair Anthony Fisher, 
Professor John Larison, Jack Davis and Al Jaffee (L>R)
Tom Richmond
Paul Coker Jr.

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