Wednesday, October 26, 2011

iSpy vs iSpy: "Boobie Trap"

A piece done as a submission to a student contest for the upcoming SCAD MAD MAD MAD Weekend.
Originally created in Antonio Prohías in 1961, Spy vs Spy is now being drawn by Peter Kuper, who, as a refreshing alternative successor, has incorporated his own unique & distinctive style with their classic setups
While most of the situations depicted in the feature are about as deep as your average Road Runner short, I thought it'd be fun to "digitize" the conflict and make it a bit more contemporary. Next would be a plot involving the TSA, which even a mere drawing of would get you put on the list, nevermind trying to actually fly with a copy.
There are a host of YouTube videos of the feature's animations, which I don't think translate from the artwork as effectively: and posted here is one of the live-action ads which aren't as bad as one might guess, but that still doesn't absolve Ron Howard et al from shamelessly pillaging my pillars of nostalgia.

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