Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Joan of FOX"

An epic warm-up session of digital collage that immolated everything on the desktop. It actually looks even better in black & white, which is how it's printed as a cover for the new issue of the Ester Republic (making this one issue that's okay to buy just for the cover). 
A thematically perfect mesh of martyrdom, the heroically happy Joan of Arc source material/reference image was stumbled across here, part of an 1843 triptych by Hermann Stilke. And no, those aren't target sights surveyor marks in front of the Pope.
Meanwhile, Palin in particular has a penchant for, er, taking the heat while her sycophants cheer from the sidelines: Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly et al. are depicted with their bit parts in this melodrama, and a couple familiar Alaskan faces pop up as well. They always do.  

Obviously I'm not paying any attention to the recent media hiatus/embargo on Palin, tending to side with the perspective that ignoring what's unpalatable or annoying would pretty much preempt most politics in general. Or to take Josh Marshall's perspective:
"This is actually a real blind spot for liberals in general -- the idea that things that are crazy or tawdry or just outrageous are really best ignored. Don't give them more attention. You're just giving them what they want. Or maybe it's not so practical and utilitarian. Maybe, they say, it's just beneath us. Focus on the important stuff."

The main point behind the panel above (besides the self-imposed persecution complex) is the recurring hypocritical narrative of castigating the "mainstream media" all the while simultaneously employed by the third largest media conglomerate on the planet. This cognitive dissonance is reflected in the very same political doublespeak that, for example, claims "government is the problem" all the while said individual is either entrenched in the same system, or desperately trying to get a job working in it. 
Quitters notwithstanding, one has to be some kinda sucker to fall for that transparently deceptive mooseshit.

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