Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fairbanks Sketchers: Ursa Major

The Fairbanks Sketchers (see here for previous posts, and here for our Facebook page) will be meeting up in one week - Saturday, Dec. 17th from 4-6pm - back at Ursa Major Distillery.

Posted here are a few snapshots from our one-year anniversary last month back at Venue in downtown - really great turnout of some fabulous folks, including new faces. I also happened to have what was perhaps the best espresso I've ever experienced: the Alpenglow blend by Black Cup roasted by Cafe Del Mundo down in Anchorage. Not that I'm turning into the sourdough sommelier anytime soon, but it was the first time I was able to understand better and appreciate some of the subtle, nuanced flavors, and have it explained by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable barista.

First up top is a finished image after working up the initial pencil - posted above - of my sketch done on-site after a few more hours of inking and adding value with a variety (about eight different leads) of graphite pencils. One of the bonus side-effects of participating in this monthly gig has been fodder to play with long after the actual event: such reference material can easily be rolled over into additional experimentations.
As a side-note, one particular artist who I was really excited to meet and see the work of was Eric S. Carlson... check out his website here for some outstanding sample illustration pieces.

Image courtesy Elizabeth Eero Irving

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