Sunday, December 11, 2016

COWABUNGA: "Polar Plunge"

Heralding our first descent into minus thirty-ish temperatures... 

On a related note, I think I've now heard the absolute worst sound the human ear can possibly endure: that of bare metal, in the form of a front-end loader, while removing layers of ice, which coats the parking area around the water-filling station area, at sub-zero temperatures. The screeching agony was audible for quite some distance even while driving away. Of course my very next stop was at a cafe where I got to sit next someone slowly savoring each and every individual potato chip, with an open mouth no less, which inevitably triggers misophonia
Speaking of auditory agony, I actually had to leave another establishment earlier in the week on account of them playing a classic rock song which shall remain nameless that effectively derailed my attention span enough to hamper any sketching, and consequently infected me for hours afterwards. "Sensitive artist" or what? Update: I went back and after carefully listening to an unattended toddler bang blocks on a toy xylophone, it still sounded better than Billy Joel.
Of course only a matter of degrees separates that from the annual banality of holiday theme music which carried over half a dozen visits to local stores while out shopping. 'Tis the season... and rant aside, I'm definitely feeling pretty jolly and cranking out some holiday material this year... more to come!

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