Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Sourdough Sommelier"

Not to be confused with one of my favorite India inks, Sennelier, a sourdough sommelier would be one of the many folks hereabouts who can simultaneously occupy both the high and low ends of the aesthetic spectrum when it comes to balancing taste versus practicality. One example would be the comfort and ease in trading off gourmet, hand-crafted spirits to microbrewed beverages with, say, Hearty Mountain Burgundy in a box to  malt liquor. In my experience Alaskan residents can both keep it real and also cultivate a taste for the finer things.

Speaking of high-class, the wallowing fuzzball has gradually been leveling out the angle of the drawing board on account of his impromptu rollovers, which while making for a great method of sweeping off eraser dust, is problematic with wet ink.

"Draw me like one of your French kitties..."

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