Sunday, December 4, 2016

Crap: "Halloween"/"The Arctic Camel"/"Pellet Stove"

Here's a triple-header of a post, all poop jokes. Toilet humor has its place, usually in the outhouse, which is where a sizable number of my cartoons wind up.

Not that the majority of scatological pieces ever manage to make it to being published, like this one. I keep saying someday I'll dump a book of edits, which will probably sell better than any of the compilations.

Aesthetically appropriate "Moscow Mule" wash at Ursa Major Distillery

One supposes ad-hoc editorial review committees comprised of fellow bar patrons isn't the soundest metric by which to gauge the relative effectiveness of material. On the other hand, critiques do tend to be fairly blunt if not honest and unfiltered.

Been seeing more and more of these pellet stoves pop up among acquaintances in this neck of the woods. Leaving aside the fertile future subject matter of biomass, the Venn diagram of ornithologically inclined +  home heating specialists hopefully has enough overlap. Keepin' it classy...

As evidenced by the progression from the initial sketchbook doodle in it's pencil stage (above) to the ballpoint pen variation (below), there was a bit of tweaking as it evolved into the posted final print version. The caption kept morphing back + forth, edited for better clarity and brevity, along with the background setting.
What a load.


  1. Lima, Peru has an excellent museum of pre-Incan pottery. By far the most popular section – set off in a separate area with its own entrance – are the "adult" pieces. You'd never think a water bottle could be made like that... So, yeah, I think a book of your more "adult" pieces would sell pretty well.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement... I'll probably give the crowdfunding angle a shot later in the year to help gauge potential reception.
      Not so sure about the official Nuggets signature line of oosiks and cocktail stirrers yet though...