Saturday, December 30, 2017

Distilled Nuggets 2018: The Most Interesting Beaver in the World

Raise Your Spirits! For the third year in a row at Ursa Major Distillery (see posts from 2017 + 2016) for next weekend's 1st Friday I'll have another annual retrospective featuring the best panels of the year from the Nuggets feature along with editorials, doodles and the infamous edits (always seem to be the real crowd-pleasers).

A note that this is also distinct from the exhibition currently on display up at the University of Alaska Museum of the North, as that collection covers the best-of material from 2011 - 2016.

Tangential to the opening reception - on-site but technically not located in the distillery proper - original artwork will be available for purchase along with the usual merchandise such as books & close-out tshirts.

Mind you, all of this is unfortunately subject to the short-sighted and capricious whims of the State of Alaska's Alcoholic Beverage Control board which is mulling over the limitations on what defines "fun" at these establishments.

Contact your local representatives and let them know what complete and utter nonsense this latest effort to regulate & cripple local businesses into non-existence is.

Granted I have a vested interest in the issue, but my bias is obviously grounded in many, many years of developing a symbiotic relationship with local, independent shops, from ice-cream parlors to cafes and bookstores to breweries. It's absolute bullshit - straight-up, no chaser.

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